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Personal Injury
THE SAD STATISTICS When a pedestrian and a car, truck and or motorcycle collide, the vehicle always wins. In 2015, over 32,000 people lost their lives in automobile crashes in the United States. That was a 7.7 percent increase over 2014. The number of people killed while walking or biking is rising even faster. In […]
No one ever leaves for work in the morning expecting to collide with another vehicle, but that’s exactly what happened in South Florida recently. Employees from two different companies collided with each other on the streets in North Miami. One injured individual was employed  as a mental health facility. The other worked for the United […]
There is an on-line insurance coverage database set up by the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation to help injured workers find out if their employer has secured this required insurance coverage in case they suffered an injury at the job. The link is https://apps8.fldfs.com/proofofcoverage/Search.aspx The Division of Workers’ Compensation is in place to make sure […]
Whether or not a person was negligent is the pivotal issue in all cases alleging carelessness, but Florida law carves out a difference between ordinary negligence and gross negligence. That distinction arose in the context of a case involving a construction worker who was injured on the job, and it was addressed by a Florida […]
A construction worker employed by All Florida Electric was recently injured in an electrical trench collapse during the renovation of the Stephen C. O’Connell Center on the campus of the University of Florida. The injured worker was helping to install an underground electrical conduit at the facility. The employee’s legs were pinned. He was removed […]
Two construction workers in downtown Miami had the surprise of a lifetime when a wall fell down on top of them at the construction site where they were working. According to fire and rescue personnel, coworkers who were on the same floor where the accident took place assisted in pulling the trapped men out from […]
Many people think that common sense dictates what is to be done after an auto accident. Maybe so, but our common sense can desert us under stress. It is a good idea to keep this simple checklist in your car with your other important papers (registration, etc.). Get help for anyone injured. Call the police if […]
The Stats When a pedestrian and a car collide, the pedestrian is always the loser. In 2009, about 5,900 pedestrians lost their lives in such collisions in the United States, or one every 90 minutes. These As you would expect, a large majority of pedestrian-vehicle collisions occur in urban areas. deaths account for u% of […]
Many of us are aware that seniors can face dangers in nursing homes. Residents can receive poor medical care, be given the wrong medications or simply be neglected. Recent data however shows a rise in new and unexpected promises including assaults, rape and even murder. In 2000, there were 5,000 cases of patient-on-patient assaults on […]
A woman was killed when a truck lost part of its load: 4,200-pound weight used to counter-balance construction cranes. The weight hit the woman’s car, smashing it and thereby causing her death. The trucking company claimed it was not legally responsible for the accident. It pointed to the fact that when the event happened, its […]
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