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Due to “Corporate America” pressure, Miami-Dade County decided not to protect the health of employees who work outside. Construction and agricultural workers therefore lost the benefits of a  proposed new law which would have helped them “beat the heat” while performing their duties under the hot Florida sun. If it passed, the labor protections would...
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A truck driver was critically injured after his vehicle crashed on I-595 in Davie, officials say. The Employee was driving in the course and scope of his employment transporting cooking oil, westbound at Nob Hill Road, when he suffered an accident. Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Indiana Miranda, said that the employee lost control after a...
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Workers’ Compensation is a benefit designed to support employees who have encountered injuries arising directly from their job tasks, regardless if they are full-time, part-time, or even seasonal. This benefit covers an injured person’s medical bills and a portion of their lost wages, and the best part? It’s entirely free for the injured employee. Types...
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Following a decade of hard work, more than a dozen major court cases, and the tragic deaths of many women from talcum powder cancer, Johnson & Johnson has finally offered a global settlement. A landmark trust of $8.9 billion has been established to provide compensation to about 70,000 victims and for future claims. Women who...
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A woman delivering packages for Amazon was seriously injured when an Eastern Diamondback  rattlesnake which was coiled up near the front door, bit the employee at a residence in Palm City, Florida. The worker was attacked on the back of the leg, just above the knee. Fortunately she called 911 and dispatchers used her cellphone’s...
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Recent anti-worker decisions by Florida courts deserve the Legislature’s attention. It seemed like a good deal long ago when workers gave up their right to sue employers in exchange for a no-fault insurance system for injuries and deaths that occurred on the job. Judges who favor big business and insurance companies have used one excuse...
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A sharply divided appeals court rejected workers’ compensation insurance benefits for a general manager of an Orlando rental-car agency who was shot seven times while he was working. The employee sustained traumatic injuries to the brain, kidney, left hand, left leg, right arm, and stomach. He also suffered several strokes and vision loss. As a...
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What Are 3M Combat Arms Earplugs? The company manufactured these dual-ended earplugs for hearing protection from close range firearms and noises from battlefield conditions. Due to their defective design, the earplugs can slightly loosen and subtly move out of the ear canal just enough for the loud sounds to cause hearing damage. According to reports,...
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Across the U.S., thousands of people harmed by using Roundup have filed claims against Bayer AG, which bought Monsanto in 2018. Monsanto has manufactured the herbicide since 1973. Although the company insists that its product is safe, the Internal Agency for Research disagrees. Roundup usage is believed to cause non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) and varying other...
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Evan have you just gone plain mad? What possibly could the concept of Diminished Value and Mel Brooks’ 1987 cult favourite science fiction parody film, have to do with one another? While not commenting on my actual state of mind for the moment, the confusion is justified. Please however indulge me while I breakdown this...
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