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Essure Mass Tort
When Greed Outweighs Public Health and Safety! Over the years, you’ve likely heard about massive federal cases that have been filed against corporations on behalf of the many individuals harmed by their products. It was Agent Orange in the 1970s, asbestos in the 1980s, and Roundup weed killer just a few years ago. These cases...
Coral Springs 3M Combat Earplug Attorney
3M Earplug Lawsuits for U.S. Military Personnel 3M, an American multi-national company, develops personal protective and safety equipment for health care facilities, consumers, and the U.S. Military. Unfortunately, they are also the target of litigation for their manufacturing and supplying defective earplugs to the U.S. Government that were used in combat situations between 2003 and...
Coral Springs construction accident lawyer
Help from a Coral Springs Construction Accident Lawyer At least six employees were severely injured and taken to local hospitals for emergency care. City officials said that a bundle of Rebar – which is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as a tension device in reinforced concrete, was being lifted at a...
COVID-19 workers comp liability
Florida Workers’ Compensation Benefits for COVID-19 With more people returning to work in Florida, many worry about what will happen if they contract the corona virus while there. On April 6, the Office of Insurance Regulation published a memorandum for insurance companies to remind them that people who contract the virus at their jobs are...
Coral Springs Essure Lawyer
Are You in Need of a Coral Springs Essure Attorney? Essure was a permanently implanted birth control device for women sold by Baer, but not any more! Unfortunately, the device’s coils could break apart and or migrate out of the fallopian tubes where it became embedded in the uterus and or punctured other organs. Plus,...
Roundup Case Update July 2020
An appeals court upheld a monumental jury verdict for a groundskeeper’s cancer claims arising out of the use of the number one selling weed killer brand-Roundup. In yet another defeat for Bayer AG (who bought Monsanto in September 2016 and therefore inherited their liabilities), the court rejected the company’s claim to overturn the trial court...
Mass Torts Lawyer
Do I need a Mass Torts Lawyer? America’s civil justice system is built on the belief that those who knowingly wrong others should be held responsible for their actions. But what happens when an act of greed, incompetence, or laziness affects thousands of people? Our legal leaders have created mass tort cases for this very...
COVID-19 Workers' Comp
Help from a COVID-19 Workers’ Comp Attorney While Florida teachers may be forced back into the classroom for this upcoming school year in most counties despite the skyrocketing amount of cornoa virus cases, they may not be covered for medical care and or lost wages if they contract the disease under the present analysis of...
Coral Springs Roundup
Help from a Coral Springs Roundup Attorney Bayer, a multinational drug company and one of the largest pharmaceutical organizations in the world has agreed to pay more than $10 billion dollars to settle thousands lawsuits that claim its Roundup weed killing product caused cancer. The Plaintiffs’ trial bar have maintained that the product’s active ingredient...
hernia mesh claims
Hernia Mesh Claims Attorney Evan M. Ostfeld Claims Against Ethicon Physiomesh (a division of Johnson & Johnson). A Massachusetts man underwent hernia repair surgery using the above referenced hernia repair mesh product. A hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue squeezes through a weak spot in a surrounding muscle or connective tissue called fascia....
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