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Workers Compensation
Coral Springs Workers Comp injury
Most jobs in Florida are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. This type of coverage is available to pay for the medical expenses and a portion of lost wages that result from an accident at the workplace. A recent Florida case raises questions about whether an injury at work might be covered...
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home workers' compensation claim
What Are the Laws Regarding a Home Injury Workers’ Compensation Claim Over the past year, the pandemic has accelerated the move for employees to work remotely from their homes. Working from one’s house or apartment has therefore become a much more viable option with technological advancements that have made communicating with co-workers accessible and easy...
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Florida COVID Workers' Compensation
Florida COVID Workers’ Compensation Attorney In the Sunshine State, The Workers’ Compensation Act provides an important safety net for employees who are injured or sickened on-the-job. It is mandated for most businesses to provide access to benefits, which include among other things medical care and lost wages. In exchange, workers are generally not allowed to...
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coronavirus workers compensation
The Florida legislature has been moving to try and enact new laws that would shield businesses whose employees contracted COVID-19 while on the job from providing workers’ compensation benefits. Some politicians have called for employee protections but only for certain front-line individuals including teachers and health care workers. Frankly, coronavirus workers’ compensation claims are among...
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Judge denies Publix’s bid to toss lawsuit
For the original article click here. A rare COVID-19 lawsuit claims a deli worker at Publix died of the disease because the company prohibited employees from wearing masks during the early weeks of the pandemic. Gerardo Gutierrez, an employee in Miami Beach, wasn’t allowed to wear his mask back in March because Publix feared that mask-wearing employees...
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worker covid 19 death
For the original article click here. The family of Gerardo Gutierrez, a Miami-Dade County man who died after working at the deli counter at a Miami Beach Publix last March, has filed a wrongful death suit against the company. It claims the grocer’s ban on employees wearing masks last spring caused his exposure by a...
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COVID-19 workers' compensation claim
Employees in Coral Springs who are injured or sickened on the job may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. During the pandemic, many employees have contracted COVID-19 at their workplace. Those that have contracted the novel coronavirus disease should therefore talk to an experienced Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation attorney. Workers’ Compensation attorney Evan M. Ostfeld...
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Workers' compensation and covid
A recent Florida Workers’ Compensation report revealed that the Sunshine State ranks among the top five states for workers’ compensation claims related to the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has also impacted employees who have been injured on the job. Some are finding it difficult to get medical care, including payment of their medical bills associated with...
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Coral Springs insurance claim lawyer
Learn the Tricks from a Coral Springs Insurance Claim Lawyer We all know insurance companies work hard to avoid paying you and others who deserve compensation following an accident or injury. Should you get into a car wreck or get hurt on the job, and then hop on the phone with an insurance adjuster, they’re...
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Coral Springs construction accident lawyer
Help from a Coral Springs Construction Accident Lawyer At least six employees were severely injured and taken to local hospitals for emergency care. City officials said that a bundle of Rebar – which is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as a tension device in reinforced concrete, was being lifted at a...
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