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Two Construction Workers Injured When Wall Falls

Two construction workers in downtown Miami had the surprise of a lifetime when a wall fell down on top of them at the construction site where they were working. According to fire and rescue personnel, coworkers who were on the same floor where the accident took place assisted in pulling the trapped men out from underneath the wall before firefighters and rescue services arrived.

Immediately after they were rescued, the men were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital by fire and rescue services. Subsequently, one of the men was transported to Ryder Trauma Center because the injuries he sustained were of a more serious nature.

Even though the injuries the men sustained were serious, thankfully, both of them are expected to survive the incident. As of yet, it is not clear what led to the collapse of the wall.

The Benefits of Contacting a Miami Workers Compensation Lawyer

An employee has the right to go to their place of work confident that they will be able to work in a safe environment. In the world of construction, this means having proper safety equipment, working in an environment that meets or exceeds OSHA standards, and working with and around people who are competent and who use materials and tools in a safe manner. When these criteria are not met and as a result of negligence on the part of an employer, a contractor, or a fellow employee, a person is injured, it is in their best interest to contact a Miami Worker’s Compensation lawyer immediately.

Worker’s compensation attorneys, such as those found at the Law Offices of Evan M Ostfeld, are able to provide legal support and counsel to victims of work-related injuries. They can help their clients navigate the treacherous waters of interacting with insurance agents and with employers who are reluctant to provide the compensation a person is due as a result of a work related accident.

In the case of the two men injured in this Miami construction accident, it is likely that in addition to their immediate hospital bills, they are going to need compensation for time lost from work, compensation for their injuries, and compensation for any additional rehabilitation therapies they may need.

Undoubtedly, for the next few months, these men and their families are going to be focusing the majority of their attention on recovering from the accident. In situations like these, Coral Springs workers compensation injury attorneys will work closely with the family to help them protect their rights. They will help them in the selection of the right doctors, having lost wages timely processed, determining the value of the claim, and determining whether or not going to trial is in the family’s best interest. These attorneys will fight to see to it that work related accident victims get the fair treatment they deserve.

If you or someone you know has been in a similar legal situation contact our firm at https://attorney4life.com/coral-springs-workers-compensation.

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