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Employee Injured in Construction Site Accident

A construction worker employed by All Florida Electric was recently injured in an electrical trench collapse during the renovation of the Stephen C. O’Connell Center on the campus of the University of Florida. The injured worker was helping to install an underground electrical conduit at the facility. The employee’s legs were pinned. He was removed from the collapsed trench and taken to a local hospital. His present condition remains unknown.

When a worker is injured during the course of their employment by an anticipated and foreseeable risk of that employment, their injuries can be compensable under the Florida Workers’ Compensation Law. Along with other benefits, the law generally provides compensation for earnings during any period of temporary total disability, payment of reasonable medical expenses and compensation for any permanent partial disability.

Evan Ostfeld is a Coral Springs workers’ compensation lawyer who represents employees that suffered on the job injuries. These injuries include but aren’t limited to head, back, shoulder and knee claims, repetitive motion disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome and damage to hearing or vision. He also represents workers suffering from occupational diseases like injuries from breathing contaminated air.

Construction is booming in Florida again, but construction work accounts for more accidents than any other line of employment. You want a dedicated and effective workers’ compensation attorney representing you for your on the job injury. Never deal with a party that has interests adverse to your interests. An insurance company will try to settle your workers’ compensation claim quickly and cheaply.

If you’re hurt on the job, report the accident to your employer. Seek immediate medical attention, and then call Coral Springs workers’ comp lawyer Evan Ostfeld. It’s not your employer’s responsibility to file appropriate claim documents on your behalf. It’s your responsibility, and there are strict time limitations for doing so. South Florida workers’ compensation lawyer Evan Ostfeld will protect your rights throughout this very complex legal claim process. He has offices throughout South Florida and represents clients in all 67 Florida counties.

If you suffered an injury at work, you’ll only hurt your case if you deal with an insurance company that has interests directly adverse to your interests. Retain an aggressive, dedicated and successful professional to represent you. Coral Springs workers’ compensation lawyer Evan Ostfeld protects your rights and your best interests. If your injuries prevent you from coming to his office, he’ll come to you.

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