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Personal Injury
The Stats When a pedestrian and a car collide, the pedestrian is always the loser. In 2009, about 5,900 pedestrians lost their lives in such collisions in the United States, or one every 90 minutes. These As you would expect, a large majority of pedestrian-vehicle collisions occur in urban areas. deaths account for u% of […]
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Many of us are aware that seniors can face dangers in nursing homes. Residents can receive poor medical care, be given the wrong medications or simply be neglected. Recent data however shows a rise in new and unexpected promises including assaults, rape and even murder. In 2000, there were 5,000 cases of patient-on-patient assaults on […]
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A woman was killed when a truck lost part of its load: 4,200-pound weight used to counter-balance construction cranes. The weight hit the woman’s car, smashing it and thereby causing her death. The trucking company claimed it was not legally responsible for the accident. It pointed to the fact that when the event happened, its […]
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An increasing number of obese Americans are having gastric bypass surgery. A gastric bypass is intended to reduce the amount of food ingested by the patient, thereby helping him or her lose weight. Unfortunately, with the increase in the number of gastric bypasses performed, there is an increase in people suffering from complications caused by […]
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Having our house burn down is a nightmare we all want to avoid. Know these danger areas to maximize your chances of avoiding this disaster. Cooktop or stove: About 40% of fires start in the kitchen. Never leave cooking food unattended, and keep towels and pot holders a safe distance away. Clean them regularly to […]
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The FDA has recently issued an alert about the dangers of exposing pregnant women to valproate sodium commonly sold under the name Depakote. Depakote, Depacon, Depakene and Stavzor, are drugs most frequently used for the treatment of seizures, such as those associated with epilepsy, although they are also prescribed for the treatment of manic-depressives, for […]
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