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Collisions With Pedestrians


When a pedestrian and a car, truck and or motorcycle collide, the vehicle always wins. In 2015, over 32,000 people lost their lives in automobile crashes in the United States. That was a 7.7 percent increase over 2014. The number of people killed while walking or biking is rising even faster. In fact, pedestrian and cyclist deaths increased more than overall traffic deaths. As one would expect, a large majority of them occur in urban areas, where there is a higher volume of both traffic and people. Moreover, many of these events occur at night. Interestingly, they happen almost as frequently at crosswalks as opposed to other places.


There are many different reasons for accidents of this nature. Inattentiveness to one’s surroundings
(by either the driver or the pedestrian) for example: talking on a cell phone, texting, reading, listening to very loud music with or without headphones, along with other general distracting activities (by drivers) eating, shaving and or putting on makeup. Another common cause is simply confusion: Drivers who are trying to find an address, where they can turn, what lane to drive in, etc. are more likely to hit someone than are those who know where they are going. Overly aggressive driving and or driving too fast for conditions are other important factors. Poorly designed intersections where traffic backs up or where drivers cannot see crosswalks, can also contribute increasing the chance of an accident.


The best option for pedestrians and drivers is to be aware! Remember, one person might not be paying close attention, so therefore you must! Pedestrians should use crosswalks whenever possible and not jaywalk. Drivers should drive at a safe speed based on the weather, lighting and traffic conditions. Everyone should also try to eliminate potential distractions that could lead to a crash. In any event, if you were injured as a pedestrian or bicyclist due to a driver’s negligence, our law office can guide you through the process of obtaining medical treatment and compensation for your injuries.

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