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According to the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC), patients in American hospitals come down with over 2 million hospital-acquired infections each year, 90,000 of which result in death. Nor are nursing home patients immune: the CDC estimates that this population suffers another 1.5 million preventable infections each year, for a total of 3.5 million […]
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Approximately every 15 seconds, a house is robbed somewhere in America. A few simple pre-cautions can make your home a less-inviting target and can convince burglars to try their luck elsewhere. Install dead bolt locks where ever possible, make sure that all windows (not just those in the ground floor) have good, strong locks, and […]
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Q: What is a Personal Injury (PI) claim? A: Any kind of legal claim against someone for causing physical or mental injury. PI claims commonly result from automobile collisions, motorcycle accidents, boating crashes, cruise ship claims, inadequate security, slip & falls, trip & falls, defective products, dog bites, and or medical malpractice actions. Q: What […]
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Without a doubt, “natural” is in. Many consumers, concerned about artificial additives and chemicals in things they and their children use, are seeking out food and household products that claim to be natural. The assumption on the part of consumers is that natural products are healthier or safer to use. Of course, with the strong […]
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We have all heard the phrase “accidents happen”. This might be true some of the time, but, more often than not, accidents can be prevented by foresight and planning. A recent case illustrates this point. A company was using four cranes to move a 1,200-ton load. While it was being moved, the load slipped, sending […]
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The vision of driving down a country road, atop a large motorcycle, with the wind blowing through your hair is an attractive one for many people and the number of motorcycles on America’s highways is growing. Although they share the road with cars they are subject to the same traffic laws as are other vehicles. […]
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Although most of us would think twice before moving near a chemical plant, many don’t think about willingly bringing dangerous chemicals into our homes. Almost any household produce can be dangerous if swallowed or spilled. Potentially dangerous chemicals include such items as ammonia, bleach, drain cleaner, furniture polish, oven cleaner, paint, turpentine, and garden pesticides. […]
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As the weather gets warmer, many people hire contractors to work on their homes. While most contractors are reputable, some are not. Here are some clues that you are being subject to a home repair rip-off: The contractor pressures you to sign the contract or suggests that you not get other bids. The contractor’s card […]
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Forced Arbitration Threatens Consumers A lawsuit is how most legal disputes are settled. But due to the explosion of forced arbitration, the option of a lawsuit is being made increasingly unavailable to consumers. In arbitration, a case is decided by an arbitrator instead of by a judge or jury.In arbitration, a case is decided by an […]
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Oral Sodium Phosphate :Having a colonoscopy is unpleasant, but it may also be dangerous. Before such a procedure, doctors often ask patients to take oral sodium phosphate (OSP) before the procedure. OSP (which is available over the counter) however can be very dangerous. Per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it has been linked to […]
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