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Personal Injury Q&A

Q: What is a Personal Injury (PI) claim?

A: Any kind of legal claim against someone for causing physical or mental injury. PI claims commonly result from automobile collisions, motorcycle accidents, boating crashes, cruise ship claims, inadequate security, slip & falls, trip & falls, defective products, dog bites, and or medical malpractice actions.

Q: What compensation can I receive if I have a PI claim?

A: Although it depends on the facts, if you have been injured, you can usually recover for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, property damage, and any permanent injury you have suffered. In some cases, other people (such as your spouse or family) may also be entitled to recover.

Q: When is another person liable for my injuries?

A: Again, the answer depends on the facts, but another person is most commonly liable if your injuries were the foreseeable result of that person’s negligence— which generally means that person’s carelessness toward you. Sometimes another person can be liable for your injuries even if he or she was not careless. These cases are called “strict liability cases.”

Q: How long does it take to make a PI claim?

A: Making a successful PI claim depends on a lot of factors, including the complexity of the case and the reasonableness of everyone involved. Some PI claims settle very quickly, while others have to go to trial or even to appeal, although this is relatively rare.

Q: Is my PI case a good one?

A: Only Evan and his staff can answer that question. If you believe that you have a PI claim, contact our office as soon as possible at:
(866) I-SUE-YOU • (866) 478-3968 • (954) 227-7529. evan@attorney4life.com.

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