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Florida Employee Facing Workers Comp Fraud Charge Evan Ostfeld, and his law firm, understands the pain and suffering that occurs with a workplace injury. Whether you are an office employee or a field tradesman, accidents happen everyday, changing employee and family lives forever. As a top Palm Beach workers compensation lawyer, Evan Ostfeld knows worker’s […]
Public Safety Employee Charged with Workers’ Compensation Fraud A Palm Beach County firefighter/paramedic was booked and jailed on December 12. He surrendered himself after receiving a call notifying him that an arrest warrant had been issued for workers’ compensation fraud. He had been receiving benefits for a debilitating sprain after seeing multiple doctors. While the injury initially […]
Christmas Tragedy Highlights the Need for Proper Legal Representation A recent Coral Springs auto accident that claimed the lives of two young men highlights the issue of traffic safety in the U.S. It also highlights the need for proper legal representation for those involved in such accidents. It is this type of assistance that is […]
Woman Dies on Cruise Ship In November 2013, an 87-year-old woman was traveling on a cruise ship from Brazil when she suffered a fall down the stairs while the ship was sailing off the coast of Europe. She was on her way to the ship restaurant to eat dinner. Other passengers were on the elevator, […]
Activist Charged with Workers’ Compensation Fraud Cape Coral resident, Stephen Lovejoy, was taken into custody in November 2013 on alleged charges of workers’ compensation fraud violations. Lovejoy owned a business but he did not secure the required workers’ compensation insurance to his employees in case they suffered an on the job injury. Florida law requires companies that have four […]
Man Arrested For Failing to Provide Workers Comp Some Naples, Florida residents learned the importance of ensuring compliance with workers’ compensation laws. On June 26, 2013, two construction workers were struck by lightning while on the job. One was killed and the other seriously injured, Both men were employed by K.C. Tile and Marble at the […]
According to the Food and Drug Administration (or F.D.A.), four out of the six most deadly prescription medications given to Americans are members of a class of powerful painkillers known as opioids. Opioids are related to opium, long known for its painkilling effects. Modern opioids, however, are up to 100 times more potent and are […]
Talking on the phone, sending a text, using your GPS, adjusting your stereo, talking to passengers are  all things can lead to distracted driving. This occurs when a driver is trying to do something else while operating the vehicle and without his/her full attention to the road.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that […]
Employers have a duty to provide their employees with a safe working environment.  As  such, statewide and federal workers’ compensation laws have been established to insure that injured employees from work accidents receive necessary medical attention and lost wages at no expense. Unfortunately, many times insurance companies and employers do not follow the applicable laws. […]
What do the following accident and or injury scenarios have in common? Automobile driver collides with a pedestrian A doctor botches a surgery Poorly designed SUV rolls over on the highway Customer is assaulted in a poorly lit parking lot The answer is that any one of these can result in a fatal injury for […]
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