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Tamarac Workers’ Compensation
Hiring a Tamarac Workers’ Compensation Lawyer The maître d’ of a Celebrity Cruise ship received $10.3 million an on-the-job injury. They were caused when a bread trolley knocked him over after the sudden movement of the ship. The cruise line provided medical attention on and off of the vessel. Unfortunately, the worker maintains that his...
North Lauderdale Workers' Compensation Lawyer
Help from a North Lauderdale Workers’ Compensation Lawyer On a stormy South Florida afternoon in North Lauderdale, a landscape worker was jolted and seriously hurt when lightning struck nearby. It happened shortly before 3:00 P.M. in Hampton Pines Park according to Broward Sheriff’s Office. “One male has been transferred to Northwest Medical Center with severe...
Are you liable for your spouse’s debts? It depends on the applicable state law. In community property states, most debts incurred by one spouse during the marriage are attributed to both. In other states however that follow “common law” property rules, the debts of one spouse are generally that person’s debts alone, unless it was […]
Zero-Tolerance Policy — An employee who had previously filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) got into an altercation with a co-worker. The employer had a policy against fighting and fired both employees. One sued and claimed that the employer was retaliating against her for the EEOC complaint. The court however tossed […]
All people know by now that using a seat belt is required by law in most states. Few however follow the same safety rule for their loveable animals. Although my labradoodle “Buddy” loves to ride with the windows down when we go to the store, bank, post office and/or getting gas, he should also be […]
One should always use an attorney (and not simply “one-size-fits-all forms” found on the internet) to engage in the creation of wills, trusts and/or estate planning documents. In order to have a basic understanding of the key terms however, the following is a mini-glossary for your review. Administrator: A person/entity appointed by the probate court […]
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or P.T.S.D. for short, is a serious health condition for anyone. The sad truth however is that first responders are not eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits in Florida even if they are suffering from mental trauma stemming from as a result of their difficult jobs. Fortunately, there is a proposed […]
Do you ask a salesperson to hold onto your wallet while you go shopping in the store? Of course not. Yet people are effectively doing the same thing with their computer networks when they surf the web. There are several ways outsiders may be able to gain access to your home or company’s network. One […]
Do you need a passport or a passport card? They are now required for all U.S. citizens traveling internationally, even to our good neighbors in the great white north, Canada. The passport card is a wallet-size travel document that can only be used to re-enter the United States at land border-crossings or ports-of-entry by sea […]
NOT GETTING THE AMOUNT THAT YOU DESERVE? DON’T DEAL WITH YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY ALONE! Have you suffered damage to your home, personal property and or a boat after a hurricane? If so, know your rights! Sometimes an insurance company offers you less than what a claim is worth, whether intentional or not. Plus, their decision […]
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