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Palm Beach Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Florida Employee Facing Workers Comp Fraud Charge

Evan Ostfeld, and his law firm, understands the pain and suffering that occurs with a workplace injury. Whether you are an office employee or a field tradesman, accidents happen everyday, changing employee and family lives forever. As a top Palm Beach workers compensation lawyer, Evan Ostfeld knows worker’s compensation laws inside and out. Many businesses will try to avoid paying workers their fair share in compensation to encourage healing and recovery. In fact, you may need a top Palm Beach workers compensation lawyer if you have a misunderstanding regarding your injury.

For example, a 26-year-old public-safety employee was recently cited for worker’s compensation fraud. Although his exact injury was not specified, this man was investigated while he was on compensation monies. Investigators stated that he seemed healthy enough to walk around in summer flip flops. The man had already secured about $4,000 in worker’s compensation money, and was still collecting at the time of his investigation.Now, the man does not have any income coming in, and faces imprisonment, if convicted of fraud. He states that he was misrepresented on documents drawn up by the police and investigators. In this particular case, this man definitely needs a Palm Beach workers compensation lawyer to protect his rights. Evan Ostfeld, and his trusted law firm, can guide any similar cases to a fair conclusion. Invalid statements can be thrown out of court, along with incorrect information about the injury and alleged criminal fraud. Experienced worker’s compensation lawyers know that prison is not the only form of punishment possible in these cases. Prosecuting attorneys often request fines, while indirectly damaging reputations. Allow Evan Ostfeld to represent your interests against corporate businesses that wish to pull you off this protected compensation.When you sit down with Evan Ostfeld, or one of his lawyers, you can explain your entire story to brief the professional. The information is recorded into affidavits that can be brought to the court’s attention. Your accusers may have incorrect information that makes the case impossible to prove against your statement. It is crucial to include as many details about your injury and pain to defend any allegations against you.

If you, or someone you know, has been in a similar legal situation, it is critical to contact Evan Ostfeld today. He can walk you through your rights and any court dates that may be reserved. Keep an experienced Palm Beach workers compensation attorney by your side to support your right to worker’s compensation monies.

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