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No this is not about Sylvester Stallone batting Wesley Snipes in that 1993 futuristic movie thriller! Rather, a construction worker at a Margate warehouse was transported to Northwest Medical Center by paramedics last week for a severe on the job head injury. Demolition workers were using a wrecking ball crane to raze a dilapidated structure. […]
On Wednesday, September 25, 2018, two employees were injured due to an explosion at Blanche Ely High School in Pompano Beach, Florida. The City of Pompano Beach Fire Department was called to the scene to render assistance for this Florida workers’ compensation accident. Two of the school’s maintenance workers suffered life threatening third degree burns […]
A grisly accident took place in Broward County at a Coral Springs construction site when a day laborer had his right arm ripped off. According to witness statements, a worker, who was using an auger tool to bore holes into the ground, got it trapped in a drill bit causing the horrific injury. In a […]
A decrease in the workers’ compensation insurance rate is expected to benefit businesses only!  Unfortunately, the complexities of the Florida Workers’ Compensation System have not been changed, which is why those filing a job related accident claim should seek legal assistance from a Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation lawyer as soon as possible. The Law Offices […]
It all started out as a typical work day for an employee in Coconut Creek, Florida. Unfortunately, after climbing aboard his truck lift and raising its boom, he fell approximately 50 feet to the pavement below, striking a gas line while landing. The severely injured individual was then airlifted to a local hospital. Plus it […]
Employers cannot put a new workers’ compensation insurer on the hook for an old workplace injury, according to a recent decision by the Florida 1st District Court of Appeals. This ruling could make it more difficult for injured employees to properly identify the company responsible for their workers’ compensation claims, which makes it all the […]
Coral Springs residents need help when it comes to injuries that occur on the job. Many workers sadly are unaware of the complexity of the workers’ compensation system. This lack of knowledge causes many injured employees to go unheard when they experience a workplace accident. Frankly, the process is quite cumbersome and intimidating. As such, […]
Florida’s Workers’ Compensation rates are going down. In 2018, more than 500 professions saw their rates decrease. The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) has recommended a 13.4% reduction in employee compensation insurance premiums, which will take effect next year. Unfortunately, the rate decrease only helps employers. In fact, the money “saved” is not given […]
A roofer in Miami, Florida may be in need of a Miami Workers’ Compensation Lawyer after crashing into a window. A witnesses stated that they heard breaking glass and observed the individual dangling from a rope from a four-story office building. Fortunately, investigators stated that the employee was wearing all necessary safety gear which ultimately […]
Post-traumatic stress disorder or (PTSD as its’ often referred to), is a very serious psychological medical condition. It affects a person’s everyday life, impacting their relationships and ability to work. As a result, the State of Florida has finally passed legislation to have this covered under the workers’ compensation system effective 10/01/18, but only for […]
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