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Coral Springs workplace accident
Obtaining a Settlement Following a Coral Springs Workplace Accident Typically most Florida employees that are hurt within the scope and course of their jobs can pursue workers’ compensation claims to recover medical and lost wage benefits. That being said, there are some situations where a personal injury action may also be possible. At The Law...
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Coral Springs Workers Comp injury
Most jobs in Florida are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. This type of coverage is available to pay for the medical expenses and a portion of lost wages that result from an accident at the workplace. A recent Florida case raises questions about whether an injury at work might be covered...
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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with cancer or passed away after using Zantac or Ranitidine? The FDA recently ordered that sales of Zantac and its generics to be stopped. The medication was contaminated by (NDMA), which is a yellow, odorless liquid chemical once used to make rocket fuel. Further, it has been...
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Johnson & Johnson’s appeal to overturn a $2.1 billion judgment over allegations that asbestos was contained in their talcum powder based products causing women to develop ovarian cancer was turned down. To date, over 21,000 lawsuits have been filed. The courts have already held that the evidence demonstrated particularly reprehensible conduct on the part of the Defendants as...
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3M Earplugs Found Defective! Attention active and retired U.S. service personnel. Since a federal jury awarded over 7 million dollars split between three Plaintiffs against 3M for hearing-related damages, a settlement may be near. If you served anytime during 2001 through 2015, suffered from hearing loss or tinnitus and used 3M’s Dual Ended Combat Arms...
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Roundup and Cancer
If You Have Questions, We Have Answers … For many people around the country, Roundup was their go-to product to kill weeds. It is a herbicide that was originally manufactured by Monsanto but was acquired by Baer in 2018. It also became the world’s best-selling product in the industry. The active ingredient in Roundup is...
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Johnson & Johnson is now gathering critical information from talc-related cancer victims. This is typically done shortly before settlement. Women who used their talc-based their Baby Powder or Shower to Shower products as part of their feminine hygiene routine for a period for at least four years and who were diagnosed with ovarian, fallopian tube...
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A federal jury in Pensacola, Florida has just awarded 7.1 million dollars against 3M for hearing-related damages suffered by three U.S. military veterans. If you are an active U.S. Service member or veteran that has suffered hearing loss and or tinnitus that occurred from the years 2001 thru 2015 from the use of the Dual-Ended...
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home workers' compensation claim
What Are the Laws Regarding a Home Injury Workers’ Compensation Claim Over the past year, the pandemic has accelerated the move for employees to work remotely from their homes. Working from one’s house or apartment has therefore become a much more viable option with technological advancements that have made communicating with co-workers accessible and easy...
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Uninsured Motorist coverage
More than one in five Florida drivers are on the roads without insurance, according to a new study by the Insurance Research Council. Not a shock, but Florida was the sixth-worst state in the nation for uninsured motorists with a rate of 20.4% driving unprotected. The national average was 12.9%. To make matters worse even...
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