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Workers Compensation
Coral Springs insurance claim lawyer
Learn the Tricks from a Coral Springs Insurance Claim Lawyer We all know insurance companies work hard to avoid paying you and others who deserve compensation following an accident or injury. Should you get into a car wreck or get hurt on the job, and then hop on the phone with an insurance adjuster, they’re...
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Coral Springs construction accident lawyer
Help from a Coral Springs Construction Accident Lawyer At least six employees were severely injured and taken to local hospitals for emergency care. City officials said that a bundle of Rebar – which is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used as a tension device in reinforced concrete, was being lifted at a...
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COVID-19 workers comp liability
Florida Workers’ Compensation Benefits for COVID-19 With more people returning to work in Florida, many worry about what will happen if they contract the corona virus while there. On April 6, the Office of Insurance Regulation published a memorandum for insurance companies to remind them that people who contract the virus at their jobs are...
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COVID-19 Workers' Comp
Help from a COVID-19 Workers’ Comp Attorney While Florida teachers may be forced back into the classroom for this upcoming school year in most counties despite the skyrocketing amount of cornoa virus cases, they may not be covered for medical care and or lost wages if they contract the disease under the present analysis of...
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Coronavirus workers compensation claim
Coronavirus Workers Compensation Claim Attorney The State of Florida has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with a number of changes to legal procedures and claims for workers compensation. Understanding the alterations to the legal process can help you to manage your claims process more effectively. Here are some of the most important changes to workers...
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Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation
Help from a Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation Attorney It’s hard enough to live in fear of being fired—but you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your job as well if you did the right thing. Unfortunately, that’s what many workers’ face across America every day, from workplace injuries to whistleblowing. That was the case for...
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Coral Springs Worker's Compensation case
Hiring a Lawyer for Your Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation Case Talk about bowling a “perfect game”! A recent decision in a Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation case will have an impact on liability for injuries that occur at company gatherings outside of the workplace. A long time Publix deli clerk was severely injured during a company...
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Coral Springs Work Injury
Help from a Coral Springs Work Injury Lawyer One Coral Springs construction worker was killed and another severely injured when a driver who was under the influence crashed into them. The accident, which happened in broad daylight, took place when an impaired individual failed to slow down for flag-waving worker in an active construction zone....
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Florida Workers Compensation
Help from a Florida Workers Compensation Lawyer Tragically, a 37-year-old laborer was killed while putting up hurricane shutters in Coconut Creek, Florida for an impending storm. A resident who called 911 said the man fell about 10 stories high and onto the pavement below. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office said the worker was apparently harnessed...
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Coconut Creek Workers' Comp
Help from a Coconut Creek Workers’ Comp Lawyer A construction worker was seriously injured in a freak accident. That is a good reason for the need for Florida Workers’ Compensation coverage. It is always best to contact a lawyer to protect yourself as soon as you can after an on the job injury. Injured employees...
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