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Gastric Bypass Dangers

An increasing number of obese Americans are having gastric bypass surgery. A gastric bypass is intended to reduce the amount of food ingested by the patient, thereby helping him or her lose weight. Unfortunately, with the increase in the number of gastric bypasses performed, there is an increase in people suffering from complications caused by the surgery.

Although commonly called “stomach stapling,” gastric bypass operations can take a number of forms, including gastric banding, gastroplasty, and laparoscopic gastric bypass. Complications range from the common and relatively less serious, such as gallstones, to the less common and far more serious, such as hernias, pneumonia, and blood clots. One potential complication from gastric bypass surgery is when the abdomen is accidentally perforated during the operation, which can cause infections and even death.

Although each case is different, there are some signs that you may have been the victim of malpractice in gastric bypass surgery. Excessive pain while recovering is an indication that the bypass did not go as planned. Serious side effects from a botched procedure include blood clots, embolisms, and kidney problems. If your doctor does not respond to your complaints or does not monitor your recovery, this may also indicate that he knows he made a mistake.

If you or someone you know has undergone an unsuccessful gastric bypass operation, contact us. We will look into the circumstances and help you determine if any malpractice has occurred.

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