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Worker’s Compensation Benefits Granted On Appeal In Bowling Injury Case!

Coral Springs Worker's Compensation case

Hiring a Lawyer for Your Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation Case

Talk about bowling a “perfect game”! A recent decision in a Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation case will have an impact on liability for injuries that occur at company gatherings outside of the workplace. A long time Publix deli clerk was severely injured during a company event that took place during regular working hours. In fact, this employee/management bonding experience was required as part of her employment there. The employee filed a workers’ compensation claim after an ankle, foot and knee injury. This claim was initially denied by the Judge of Compensation Claims who found that the bowling excursion was to be considered a recreational activity. Fortunately, that decision was overturned by the District Court of Appeal of Florida and the injured worker received medical treatment and lost wages as a result of the claim.

The Facts of the CaseThe trip took place during the paid work day. Additionally, the employee was not told that she could have stayed at work and or taken paid vacation rather than participate. According to the worker’s supervisor, the purpose of the trip was specifically to discuss goals for the upcoming year and to improve morale among employees of the store.

The appeals court, however, found that the mere ability to decline the invitation did not indicate that the choice to attend was strictly voluntary. In fact, it was a work-related activity that occurred during regular hours and paid for by Publix. Accordingly, any injuries arising out of such activities must be covered under the Florida Worker’s Compensation Law. The Court’s majority ruled that no “reasonable person in that worker’s position would have believed that the activity was not a required as part of the employment.”

The Value of Legal Representation-For others who may have had their claims denied and are seeking the help of an experienced Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, The Law Offices of Evan M. Ostfeld, P.A., has been proudly providing representation for injured workers and their families for over (25) twenty-five years. Evan and his staff can provide a no obligation case evaluation and explain your rights in the complicated area of Florida Workers’ Compensation Law. Don’t simply rely on what your Employer and or their Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company tells you! Oftentimes, they ae only concerned with their bottom lines.

Coral Springs Worker’s Compensation Case Attorney

If you need the help from a Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation Attorney which only handles the claims of Florida’s injured workers, feel free to contact Evan M. Ostfeld, Esquire. He and his legal team shall provide answers to your various questions at no charge. If you later decide to allow our Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation Law Firm to handle your claim, you’ll be given support all along the way. In fact, unlike some Coral Springs Workers Compensation Lawyers, we do not charge any upfront fees or costs while working on the case. The attorney’s fees and or costs are only charged if there is a court award or settlement. Contact us today at either (866) I SUE YOU, (866) 478-3968, (954) 227-7529, (954) 998-0075 text or email evan@attorney4life.com to schedule an appointment to discuss your particular Florida Work Comp issue. What do you have to lose? We appreciate the chance to serve you.

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