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Workers’ Compensation Benefits With Evan M. Ostfeld, Esq, Work Comp. Attorney

Coral Springs Work Injury

Help from a Coral Springs Work Injury Lawyer

One Coral Springs construction worker was killed and another severely injured when a driver who was under the influence crashed into them. The accident, which happened in broad daylight, took place when an impaired individual failed to slow down for flag-waving worker in an active construction zone. After running into and killing the first employee, his Chevrolet Z-28 Camaro slammed into a parked truck which was occupied by another co-worker.

After the incident, the three individuals were taken to Coral Springs Medical Center. The at fault person was charged with D.U.I. manslaughter, D.U.I. with serious bodily injury, D.U.I property damage and reckless driving. He was then booked at Broward County Jail; bond is pending.

Injuries sustained from motor vehicle accidents make up only a fraction of Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation injuries that are filed in Broward County, Florida. Most Workers’ Compensation claims are caused from slip and falls, trip and falls, lifting accidents, operating heavy machinery, and or falling off of chairs and ladders. Typically they involve broken or fractured bones, sprains and strains of the arm, knee, foot, ankle, neck and back, head trauma, eye injuries, burns, amputations, and nerve damage sustained from repetitive motion type injuries. Of course, these are only some examples. Basically, whether you are a full-time, part-time, or seasonal employee, if you’ve been injured on-the-job, there is likely a Florida Workers’ Compensation claim.

Unfortunately the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim is quite complex. As such, one should seek out legal representation with a Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation attorney as soon after an accident as possible. That way your rights can be explained to you. Do not rely on what your employer and or their workers’ compensation insurance carrier tells you. Sadly, they are more concerned about their bottom lines than your health.

Hiring a Coral Springs Work Injury Lawyer

That being said, Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation attorney Evan M. Ostfeld, Esq. and his Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation law firm team have been handling such matters for over (25) twenty-five years! With a free case evaluation, there are no attorney’s fees and or costs due unless there is a workers’ compensation settlement or court award. Learn about the workers’ compensation system by contacting The Law Offices of Evan M. Ostfeld, P.A. today. Evan and his multi-lingual legal team only represent injured workers and their families against unscrupulous employers/insurance companies.

Confused and concerned about your Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation claim? Kindly contact Evan M. Ostfeld, Esq., Coral Springs Workers Compensation Lawyer, at either (866) I SUE YOU, (866) 478-3968, (954) 227-7529, (954) 998-0075 text or evan@attorney4life.com for a no-obligation case analysis; we are here to help!

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