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Three Utility Workers Struck And Killed By A Car

Three utility workers were killed as the result of a two car collision after one car deflected off of the other and left the roadway. Florida Highway Patrol reported that a 92-year-old man pulled his Cadillac in front of a vehicle driven by a 20-year-old woman who was southbound on U.S. 27. After striking the Cadillac, the woman’s vehicle left the roadway’s left shoulder and hit the workers. All three of the workers were from Georgia and died at the scene. Police related that if the Cadillac’s driver had just waited a few seconds, the accident would never have happened.

For the families of the men from Georgia, two separate cases spin off of this tragedy. The first case involves workers’ compensation claims, while the second case actions for wrongful death.

Workers’ compensation
When a person is injured or killed in the course and scope of their employment by an anticipated and foreseeable risk of that employment, they fall under the purview of workers’ compensation law. Workers’ compensation death benefits, including burial expenses, must be paid to a deceased employee’s spouse or dependents as per statutory provisions. Workers’ comp lawyer Evan Ostfeld is at the forefront of workers’ compensation law.

Wrongful death
Workers’ compensation is the sole and exclusive remedy for a person killed on the job. There’s an exception to this rule though when the employee is killed by the negligent act of somebody that is not a co-employee or employer. This is known as a third party claim. Should third party liability exist, the survivors of the Georga men can pursue both the workers’ compensation and wrongful death cases at the same time. Their survivors will want a knowledgeable and dedicate personal injury attorney like Evan Ostfeld to pursue wrongful death cases.

Evan Ostfeld is an experienced and aggressive Coral Springs workers’ compensation lawyer and personal injury attorney who represents clients across all of Florida. When third party liability is present, you’ll have a highly knowledgeable and talented Coral Springs workers’ compensation injury attorney to represent you from start to finish. Whether it’s worker’s comp, personal injury, or both, Mr. Ostfeld’s office treats you and your case with respect, dignity and professionalism. If you or a family member has been injured either on the job or by third party liability, don’t hesitate to call Evan Ostfeld. His firm’s offices are locate throughout Florida.

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