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Nine Contractors Sited For Safety Violations On Doral Residential Project

Workers who were building homes at a residential development in Doral were at an increased risk from falling from a height up to 35 feet. They were also working without eye and head protection. Federal inspectors found this during an inspection in November 2014.

Nine contractors had been found committing safety violations. The Occupational Safety And Health Administration has proposed a fine totalling $152,000. Shoma Alliance Corp, PP All Corp, New World Masonry, Zavala and Associates, Unity Windows, Inc., Blue Panther Roofing And Construction Corp, Fast Carpentry, Inc, Service Drywall Inc and Garmon Construction Corp were the companies who committed those violations.

Condell Eastmond is the director of OHSA’s office in Fort Lauderdale. He stated that Shoma Alliance Corp’s contractors were exposed to multiple hazards. This includes falls that could result in death and serious injury. The companies who committed the violations has 15 days to contest the inspection findings or pay the fine.

Masoud Shojee is the chairman of the Shoma Group. He stated that he would be taking an approach that is more aggressive because worker safety is extremely important. Contractors who do not adhere to the necessary safety violations could face serious consequences. Oasis Square Park has 150 single family homes. The starting price of the homes is one million dollars.

One of the main responsibilities that employers have is to make sure that the working environment is safe for their employees. The contractors in the aforementioned story failed to make sure the necessary safety requirements were met. Therefore, if the employees are injured, then they could be the ones who are held responsible.

Work-related injuries are extremely common. Eye injuries, amputations, strokes, heart attacks, head pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, vision loss and hearing loss are examples of some of the injuries that occur in the workplace. You should contact a Fort Lauderdale Workers Compensation lawyer if you have been hurt on the job.

Evan Ostfeld can help you get the compensation that you deserve. He is committed to representing people who have been injured on the job. Many on-the-job injuries occur as the result of someone else’s negligence. That is why Evan strives to make sure people are held responsible for their actions.

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