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Three Construction Workers Injured In Boca Raton, Florida

Coral Springs Workers Compensation Lawyer

Occupational hazards happen all the time on various construction sites in Florida where a Workers Comp Lawyer will be needed. Recently, three construction workers were severely injured while working on a hotel that is currently under construction. High water pressure caused one of the nearby water mains to rupture and subsequently strike the unknowing workers. All three of the workers were rushed to nearby hospitals, where they were listed to be in stable condition. Similar cases like this happen in Coral Springs and in many of them, it is the workers and their families who suffer the most while going through the red tape to get the care and compensation that their injured loved ones deserve.

Evan Ostfeld, P.A. is a Coral Springs Workers Compensation Lawyer who will fight to ensure that your rights are granted to get you the compensation needed to recover from your injuries and support your family. The state of Florida should provide workers compensation benefits to injured firefighters for more than two years and anyone other worker who suffers an injury that arose out of and in the course of their employment. Although some injuries may not seem to be life threatening, there are many work related injuries that you may suffer and as a result require a Workers Comp Lawyer. These injuries can include: Amputations, Disfigurement and Scarring, or any Head, Neck, Back, Shoulder, and Knee claims.

Evan is the Coral Springs Workers Compensation Injury Attorney that has consistently fought for and is devoted to fight for their rights and the rights of other injured workers. With more than twenty years of legal experience and a specialty as a Coral Springs Workers Injury Attorney, The Law Offices of Evan Ostfeld, P.A. was established in 2001 to represent the needs of injured workers and their families.

Evan is committed to working with his clients through the complicated claims process and to protecting their rights through all phases of the legal process. If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation and need a Coral Springs Workers Compensation Injury Attorney, contact our firm toll free at (866) 478-3968 or (866) I SUE YOU.

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