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Seriously Injured Employee Seeking Florida Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Lauderdale Lakes Workers' Compensation

Help From a Lauderdale Lakes Workers’ Compensation Attorney

A carpenter is recovering from life threatening injuries after a work place accident and harrowing rescue operation in Lauderdale Lakes, FL. Broward County Fire Rescue was forced to use an aerial ladder and a Stokes basket in order to save him. The injured employee was then lowered to the ground and transported to Florida Medical Center. Thereafter he required emergency surgery; his condition is now guarded.

In light of this tragic event, the injured carpenter shall undoubtedly require medical and financial assistance through the Florida Workers’ Compensation System for quite some time. The program is designed to pay for all necessary medical expenses and a portion of the person’s lost wages to those who become disabled through a work-related injury or illness. As such, Evan M. Ostfeld, Esq., a Lauderdale Lakes Workers’ Compensation Attorney, can assist people like this employee navigate thru the complicated process. Evan and his legal team at The Law Offices of Evan M. Ostfeld, P.A., will make sure that such a worker receives the help that he/she deserves!

Some common work place claims include neck, back, ankle and shoulder injuries, burns, cuts, along with head trauma. Some health conditions, including dermatitis, breathing issues due to mold, asthma, asbestosis, etc., may also be covered under Florida Workers’ Compensation, if they stem from exposure to hazardous products/conditions at the place of employment. Other ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, can be related if the person’s job functions involved repetitive actions carried out over a long period of time. Hiring a Lauderdale Lakes Workers’ Compensation Lawyer can help the victims of these types of events.

Despite the availability of Florida Workers’ Compensation Benefits, the awarding of same should not be taken for granted. Among other things, it may become necessary to prove that the injury or illness was directly related to a person’s employment, whether he/she were an employee or independent contractor, etc, Why fight the Florida Workers’ Compensation Insurance Company and the Employer all alone? These and other issues may not be easily resolved without proper legal representation like Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorney Evan M. Ostfeld, Esquire.

Hiring a Lauderdale Lakes Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Those who have experienced employment-related injuries or illnesses and need the services of a Lauderdale Lakes Workers’ Compensation Lawyer should contact the Law Offices of Evan M. Ostfeld, P.A. right away. He has more than 25 years of legal experience, offers a free consultation and a brochure entitled “Everything That You Wanted to Know About Workers’ Compensation But Were Afraid to Ask!” Moreover, there are no attorney’s fees or costs due unless there is a settlement or court award! The sooner you contact him for legal advice, the better you are. Contact us at either (866) I-SUE-YOU), (866) 478-3968, (844) 411-KING, (844) 411-5464, (954) 227-7529, (954) 998-0075 text or evan@attorney4life.com.  You’ll be glad that you did.

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