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Household Chemicals

Although most of us would think twice before moving near a chemical plant, many don’t think about willingly bringing dangerous chemicals into our homes. Almost any household produce can be dangerous if swallowed or spilled. Potentially dangerous chemicals include such items as ammonia, bleach, drain cleaner, furniture polish, oven cleaner, paint, turpentine, and garden pesticides. Household chemicals are usually safe if used properly, but they can cause injury or even death if care is not taken when using them.

NEVER sniff or taste household chemicals. Keep them away from your skin and eyes. Ensure that all household chemicals are kept away from children and pets, preferably in a locked cabinet. Do not store household chemicals in a non-approved container. Chemicals can react with the materials of a new container in unpredictable ways. Use household chemicals in a well-ventilated area to prevent a buildup of fumes.Periodically dispose of bottles of household chemicals that you do not use anymore or that are almost empty. Make sure to do so in an environmentally safe manner.

If someone in your house is exposed to a harmful household chemical, flush the affected area with water, call 911 and or get the victim to a hospital. If the chemical is swallowed, read the label to determine whether to induce vomiting, call poison control and get the victim to a hospital immediately!

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