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J&J Baby Powder Cancer Update

Following a decade of hard work, more than a dozen major court cases, and the tragic deaths of many women from talcum powder cancer, Johnson & Johnson has finally offered a global settlement. A landmark trust of $6.5 billion has been proposed to address the remaining claims regarding talcum powder and ovarian cancer to provide compensation to over 70,000 victims in addition for future claims. Women who suffered or died as a result of talcum powder ovarian cancer, now (or their estates) finally have a clear pathway to seek financial compensation.

As per the tentative agreement, the plaintiffs will agree to allow J&J’s subsidiary to proceed with a third bankruptcy filing. Previous attempts were rejected as they would not have compensated women fairly. This time, the majority of plaintiffs’ lawyers are anticipated to endorse this proposal so at long last, money can be awarded without further delay. It’s important to highlight that this settlement specifically addresses claims linked only to ovarian cancer resulting from talcum powder use.

Our firm and co-counsel team are handling these talcum powder cancer cases all across the U.S. If you were diagnosed with ovarian cancer and required surgery, one may be entitled to significant monetary compensation.

We provide a free talcum powder cancer claim review, and will be more than happy to answer any questions. All talcum powder cancer legal services are provided on a contingency basis. That means there are no attorney’s fees or costs unless we win or settle the case.

Time is running out. Contact us today at (844) 411 KING • (844) 411-5464 to see if you qualify. If not, you could miss out on a settlement payout. You have nothing to lose!

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