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Coral Springs Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Evan M. Ostfeld: Coral Springs Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Florida’s workers’ compensation system has long been the only recourse for those injured on the job: unlike in many other jurisdictions, Florida residents have been almost universally prevented from choosing to sue negligent employers instead of pursuing workers’ comp benefits. Given the systematic reduction of these benefits over the past few decades, however, Circuit Judge Jorge E. Cueto recently ruled that this restriction is unconstitutional because “[the workers’ comp system] no longer provides a reasonable alternative” to a lawsuit.

Cueto’s ruling dealt specifically with the case of Elsa Padgett, a senior woman who worked at a government office in Miami-Dade County until an on-the-job injury required shoulder replacement surgery and subsequently forced her to retire. While the state Attorney General did not directly defend the statute that prevents injured employees from suing their employers, the Florida Attorney General’s Office issued a statement that “while some individual workers might be worse off with workers’ compensation in a particular instance, others benefit greatly” from the existing system.

While this most recent case applies only to the Miami-Dade judicial circuit for the time being, similar cases may be brought before the court from across the state. Evan M. Ostfeld, P.A. seeks to provide timely, adequate compensation for injured individuals and their families in these situations. If you need a Coral Springs workers’ compensation attorney, look no further. Evan M. Ostfeld and his law firm have experience securing workers’ comp benefits for clients throughout the state.

Even if you think that your workers’ comp case can be resolved simply and easily, consider reaching out to our law firm for help. Having a workers’ comp lawyer on hand will streamline the process of getting your benefits and iron out the bumpy legal road. Seemingly small details like whether you were officially on the clock or just a work, whether you were an employee or an independent contractor, and whether you want a lump-sum settlement or medical treatment and lost wages can complicate even the most basic case. Let Evan M. Ostfeld’s decades of expertise work in your favor.

If you or someone you know has been in a similar legal situation, contact our firm at www.attorney4life.com or call us toll-free at (866) I-SUE-YOU (866-478-3968).

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