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One Worker Killed, Two Injured In Ac Coral Springs, Florida Construction Site Accident

A recent new story in the state of Florida illustrates the need for a worker’s compensation and personal injury attorney. An accident at a construction site led to the death of one construction worker and the injury of two others. The workers were constructing a BMW service center when a concrete beam collapsed. The beam crushed some scaffolding as it fell and severely injured a subcontractor worker standing on a ladder. He later died at the hospital. Two other workers were also injured by the falling concrete beam and have been hospitalized. The accident is still being investigated, but the injured workers will undoubtedly need a lawyer to fight for their worker’s compensation for their work related injuries. The family of the dead worker will also need a personal injury lawyer to represent them and their loved one for the case.

Evan M. Ostfeld is a Coral Springs Workers Comp Lawyer who can help if this situation happens to you. Although you hope that an accident like this never happens to you or in your workplace, it can happen to you, too. If a work place injure does happen to you, like it did tragically with these three construction workers, the offices of Evan Ostfeld will fight to get you the worker’s compensation that you deserve. Nearly all employees in the state of Florida have the benefit of worker’s compensation available to them if they are injured while on the job. With over 20 years of legal experience and 14 years running his own legal practice, Evan Ostfeld is the workers’ comp lawyer that will work to protect you during the claim process. He looks out for your interests in what is a very complicated field of law that is a stumbling block for many people. Evan Ostfeld takes care of the legal matters for his clients, so that they can focus on more personal matters like recovering from their injury or grieving for a loved one. In such a dark chapter of your life, it is good to have a lawyer at your side that you can count on like Evan M. Ostfeld.
If you, or someone you know, have been in a similar legal situation contact our firm by calling the phone number (954) 227-7529, at our toll free phone number (866) 478-3968, or by emailing attorney Evan M. Ostfeld at the address evan@attorney4life.com.

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