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Mass Torts
PROTECTING THE RIGHTS OF OUR BRAVE FIREMEN Aqueous film forming foam or AFFF for short, was commercially used beginning in the early 1970s. It is used to suppress fires involving flammable liquids, by forming a barrier between the air and vapors, effectively suffocating them. Firefighters use this foam in action and during training. Until the...
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Status of Phillips CPAP Lawsuits
Last year, Philips Respironics announced a voluntary recall of millions of their CPAP, BI-PAP and mechanical ventilators. The reason behind the recall was due to potential adverse effects on the users, including causing cancer. Those individuals that used the recalled machines to treat their obstructive sleep apnea and that have developed cancer, a respiratory disorder...
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Unfortunately, many hernia mesh products had defective designs that led to revision surgeries, life-threatening conditions and or death. Serious health issues include: hernia recurrence, severe abdominal pain, infection, bowel obstruction, adhesions/scarring, perforation and or migration. Shockingly, certain hernia mesh manufacturers failed to warn consumers and doctors about the risks associated with using their products. A...
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Agricultural companies, farms, and other types of businesses have relied on Paraquat-containing herbicides for decades in order to keep their fields/lawns free from weeds and pests. Unfortunately, it is among the most toxic; a single sip is fatal! Research has now found a strong link between its use/exposure and being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease or...
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In August, a jury awarded $417 million dollars, of which $347 million was for punitive damages to a woman against Johnson & Johnson since its talcum-based baby powder was contaminated with asbestos which is a known cancer causing mineral. The jury believed that J&J hid testing and downplayed the risk despite the fact that they...
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The Court approved the plan for selecting “bellwether” cases from the pending Zantac lawsuits. As a result, the first trials should occur sometime next year. If all goes well, we could potentially be talking about global settlement negotiations in 2023. So, it’s not too late to join. If you used it for at least six months and...
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Bayer AG suffered another legal defeat in their effort to overturn a jury verdict that determined that Roundup herbicide caused non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer. In fact, jurors have repeatedly held that the Monsanto Company (acquired in 2018) spent decades covering up the risks that the world’s best selling weed killer Roundup caused cancer but yet failed to warn consumers! If you’ve...
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Beginning in the late 1960’s, one of the most commonly used commercial herbicides in America is a chemical known as Paraquat. Although currently banned in 32 countries, it is still used in the U.S. Sold under several names, this product has long been known as highly toxic by the E.P.A. In fact, it is so...
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Hernia Mesh Complications
Have you suffered from hernia mesh complications? If so, you may be eligible to receive monetary damages. Hernia mesh devices have been associated with design defects that could lead to revision surgeries and other life-threatening injuries. Serious health consequences include severe abdominal pain, infection, bowel obstruction, adhesions/perforation of tissue and/or migration of the hernia mesh...
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Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with cancer or passed away after using Zantac or Ranitidine? The FDA recently ordered that sales of Zantac and its generics to be stopped. The medication was contaminated by (NDMA), which is a yellow, odorless liquid chemical once used to make rocket fuel. Further, it has been...
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