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Link Between Paraquat, Parkinson’s Disease and Cancer

Agricultural companies, farms, and other types of businesses have relied on Paraquat-containing herbicides for decades in order to keep their fields/lawns free from weeds and pests. Unfortunately, it is among the most toxic; a single sip is fatal!

Research has now found a strong link between its use/exposure and being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease or Cancer.

If you have developed Parkinson’s Disease or Cancer after using or being exposed to Paraquat over several years, there may be a claim to receive significant compensation. Our firm and co-counsel team are currently reviewing potential cases against various manufacturers of this very dangerous product. Contact us at (866) I SUE YOU • (866) 478-3968 for a free case evaluation. Mind you, there are no attorney’s fees or costs unless there is a recovery or court award; you have nothing to lose!

With over 28 years of experience, Evan only represents individuals and families that have been harmed by negligence or defective products. Our firm looks out for the “Underdog” against “Big Bad Corporate America”.

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