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Nearly 20,000 Hernia Mesh Lawsuits filed against Bard and Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson) in Federal Court!

Unfortunately, many hernia mesh products had defective designs that led to revision surgeries, life-threatening conditions and or death. Serious health issues include: hernia recurrence, severe abdominal pain, infection, bowel obstruction, adhesions/scarring, perforation and or migration.

Shockingly, certain hernia mesh manufacturers failed to warn consumers and doctors about the risks associated with using their products. A person or family may be entitled to receive damages for payment of medical bills, lost wages, loss of a loved one, emotional distress and pain & suffering.

To qualify, one must have received a hernia mesh implant between 2011 thru the present and required a revision or removal surgery. If so, it’s not too late to file your claim so call (866) I SUE YOU • (866) 478-3968 today. Our law firm and co-counsel team are here to provide a free consultation and shall even gather your medical records.

You really have nothing to lose!

With over 28 years of legal experience, Evan only represents individuals and families that have been harmed by the negligence or defective products of others. Let us seek justice for you and your family vs. Big Bad Corporate America.

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