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Coral Springs Landscaping Worker Dies In Tragic Wood Chipper Accident

Unusual workplace incidents account for a large number of personal injuries. Recently, a Pembroke Pines landscaping employee lost his life after he went through a wood chipper. The landscaping company had a reputation for providing excellent service in the Jewish Community. Joseph Horta, who lives in a home by the accident scene, commented that the accident was similar to something that people see in horror movies. He went on to comment that he suddenly heard sirens and saw blood everywhere. Horta provided a witness statement for the incident since he saw everything that occurred.

The investigation for the incident is ongoing. Currently, no one knows what happened to the worker or how he came into contact with the wood cutter. It happened so quickly that it could have been a simple mistake that lead to an unfortunate death. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is investigating the occurrence for safety violations and health hazards. At this time, the police have not named the victim because they want to provide services to the family of the deceased party. They have counselors on staff that can help the survivors to cope with the unfortunate death of their family member.

This unfortunate accident is one of many similar accidents that occur every day. The results of the investigation will determine the party that is at fault for the incident. If the accident occurred because of faulty machinery or any neglect on the part of the employer, then the employer could be liable for personal injury compensation. The surviving members of the victim’s family may receive a substantial amount of money for funeral expenses, lost time from work, household expenses, counseling and more. If another worker was involved in the incident, then that person could be subject to a personal injury claim.

Workers who survive workplace injuries are entitled to a benefit called workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation covers injured employees until they are well enough to go back to work. Coral Springs workers compensation lawyers can help a person who has gone through a similar incident as the aforementioned incident. A Coral Springs workers’ compensation lawyer can also help family members to pick up the pieces of their lives after a member of their family dies in a workplace incident. A reliable Coral Springs office such as the law offices of Evan Ostfield can assist with personal injury, wrongful death and workplace injuries.

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