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Construction Worker Injured On 12th Floor of Miami, Florida Building

An unidentified construction worker was injured recently when he was working on the 12th floor of a building under construction in Miami, and a forming wall fell on him and pinned his leg. The man was placed on a stretcher, and a crane was used by the Miami Fire Rescue technical team to bring him to the ground. The construction worker was then transported to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital where he was listed in fair condition with a leg injury.

Construction work remains one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. More than 10 percent of all construction workers suffer injuries every year. When construction workers are injured in the scope of their employment, they’re eligible for benefits under the Florida Workers’ Compensation Law. Miami workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney Evan Ostfeld advises that some of the benefits payable under the Florida Workers Compensation Law are:

  • All authorized medical bills
  • 66.67 percent of the worker’s average weekly wage while recovering
  • A lump sum settlement for any permanent partial disability

On a large construction project like the Miami building where the forming wall fell on the worker, it’s not unusual to have many different companies participating in the construction of the building. Mr. Ostfeld further advises that if a worker is injured by an act or failure to act of a company independent of a workers’ own employer, he or she might be eligible for additional civil damages aside from workers’ compensation. Such cases are known as third party cases. Although workers’ compensation benefits are usually an injured worker’s sole and exclusive remedy, the third party case is allowed to proceed at the same time as the workers’ compensation case.

Miami Workers’ Comp Attorney

Evan Ostfeld is an experienced and successful workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney who represents injured workers across Florida. If you or somebody close to you has been injured at work or anywhere else, don’t hesitate to contact Evan Ostfeld at 866-478-3968 for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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