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Palm Beach Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Public Safety Employee Charged with Workers’ Compensation Fraud

A Palm Beach County firefighter/paramedic was booked and jailed on December 12. He surrendered himself after receiving a call notifying him that an arrest warrant had been issued for workers’ compensation fraud. He had been receiving benefits for a debilitating sprain after seeing multiple doctors. While the injury initially appeared mild and he was cleared him to return for work soon thereafter, his pain complaints later forced him to return for additional treatment.  In fact, the treating orthopedist then ordered the patient to remain on bed rest and be placed on a “No Work” status. The injured employee then sought the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer to receive his benefits.County and State officials allege that this employee greatly exaggerated his condition in order to collect workers’ compensation benefits. Their surveillance evidence showed himflops without his air cast several times. After same was showed to the treating orthopedist, the doctor opined that the worker his claims. On the other hand, the employee and his attorney argue that the claims were legitimate.  While there is no clear ruling on whose side is correct in this news piece, it does exemplify the seriousness of  the system. An employee who attempts to  illegally receive  workers’ compensation benefits is subject to up to five years of prison time for a third-degree felony.




Evan Ostfeld understands the serious nature of workers’ compensation claims. He and his legal team can help an injured worker navigate through this complex process. Clients rely upon him to regarding all sorts of injuries including: motion ijury; heart attacks and strokes; occupational diseases like asbestosis; amputations; disfigurmen; and injury or loss of hearing or sight. Injury while on the job is a serious matter.  (866) I SUE YOU (866) 478-3968, (954) 227-7529, evan@attorney4life.com or by visiting his website at http://attorney4liFe.com.

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