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Diminished Value and Spaceballs?

Evan have you just gone plain mad? What possibly could the concept of Diminished Value and Mel Brooks’ 1987 cult favourite science fiction parody film, have to do with one another? While not commenting on my actual state of mind for the moment, the confusion is justified. Please however indulge me while I breakdown this analysis, step-by-step. A diminished value claim may put extra money into your pocket due to the loss of value of one’s vehicle after a crash that was caused by someone else. “What you talkin bout Willis?” Simple, as this compensation is intended to cover the difference in value lost between your vehicle before and after an accident. The rationale is that if one later tries to sell, a buyer will not offer as much money since it aleady suffered damage. Alrighty then I’m with ya, but the movie Spaceballs?

Well, the wicked characters President Waylon A. Skroob, Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz that seek to do harm against King Rowland, Princess Vespa and planet Druidia, act just like a big, bad insurance company would versus you. They’ll proclaim,“evil will always triumph, because good is dumb” for making a diminished claim against us for your recently repaired vehicle. That’s where our team comes into play. We have experience in handling thousands of these matters for damaged cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, planes and RVs, including the Winnebago Eagle 5 owned by Lone Star and Barf!

These cases are taken on a contingency basis. That means there are no upfront legal fees; payment is only made upon an eventual settlement. Our firm will even outlay the cost of the appraisal report. Lone Star uses the meta physical “power of the Schwartz” to defeat “the dark side.” Contrary, we exercise “the force” of research, argument, persuasion and persistence to prevail. If your mode of transportation was damaged in an accident on land, sea, air or space, contact us for a free consultation at (844) 411-KING (411-5464).

In closing, The Law Offices of Evan M. Ostfeld P.A. traditionally handles workers’ compensation and personal injury matters, including pharmaceuticals and defective products claims. Feel free however to discuss any of your other legal issues with us. If we cannot take the case, The Referral King® will gladly try to help you find someone who may be able to assist. Although we do not practice in the “final frontier”, our legal connections cover all 50 states and U.S. territories!

We are here to help!

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