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Coral Springs Construction Worker Injured On The Job

If you’ve acquired an injury from a work related incident, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. You may have tried to seek benefits on your own and your efforts have failed. However, regardless of your attempts to obtain compensation that is rightfully yours, you can request legal assistance. When you’re looking for a Coral Springs workers compensation attorney who has a reputable track record, Evan M. Otsfeld of the Law Offices of Evan M. Otsfeld, P.A. has the expertise needed to gain positive results.

Areas of Workers’ Compensation Legal Services

A news report revealed how a construction worker was injured while working at the Brickell City Centre in Miami. The worker’s injury occurred when a portion of wall rebar fell on him. Although it was indicated that the worker will be fine, the extent of his injury was not reported. Legal proceedings have already begun to increase construction worker and public safety.

While the aforementioned story reveals how workers can be injured on the job unexpectedly despite claims of implemented safety measures, workers’ compensation covers a wide range of catastrophic and minor injuries. If your injury falls within these categories, Evan M. Otsfeld, P.A. can work on your behalf to claim your benefits:

Ashtma and pulmonary problems
Amputations, disfigurement or scarring
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Diseases such as dermatitis, Hepatitis or such as acquired from asbestos
Head, back, knee, neck, shoulder, and vision injuries
Heart attacks and strokes
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

You should not take your injury lightly especially if you need ongoing medical treatment. Evans M. Otsfeld, P.A. is a Coral Springs Workers’ Comp lawyer who can help you sort out the workers’ compensation claim process. You can begin to recover financially by retaining the services of an attorney who will protect your rights. Evan M. Otsfeld, P.A. will not only evaluate and help you file your claim, but he will help you choose the best medical service and financial compensation option. Whatever type of injury you have acquired, you don’t have to let your physical situation debilitate your financial status. If you or someone you know is ready to acquire the legal help you need, you’re welcome to contact the Law Offices of Evan M. Otsfeld, P.A. at (866) I SUE YOU. You can also submit a request for assistance online at Attorney4Life.

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