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Coral Springs Auto Injury Lawyer

Coral Springs Resident Killed in Motorcycle Accident by Drunk Driver

A Coral Springs resident was killed in a motorcycle accident on Friday, February 28 after slamming on his brakes to avoid an SUV who turned left into his path. Benjamin Pirofsky, 30, attempted to brake, but hit the rear of the vehicle and was immediately ejected from the motorcycle. He was later pronounced dead at the scene after his helmet was removed during the fall.Nadia Verdoni, 42, was driving the SUV and made a left-hand turn on a solid green light, but fled after the accident. She was later found by BSO deputies attempting to cover up her vehicle with a tarp to hide the damage to the rear of the SUV. A good samaritan also followed Verdoni and took a photo of her license plate before sending it to the authorities. She was arrested the following morning after questioning and has been charged with manslaughter, leaving the scene involving death, and tampering with evidence. She was reportedly driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident and is currently out on bail.

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