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Worker Compensation Denied for Florida Man Shot At Rental Car Agency

A sharply divided appeals court rejected workers’ compensation insurance benefits for a general manager of an Orlando rental-car agency who was shot seven times while he was working. The employee sustained traumatic injuries to the brain, kidney, left hand, left leg, right arm, and stomach. He also suffered several strokes and vision loss. As a result, the worker shall require a lifetime of expensive medical care and will be unable to work ever again.

A panel of the 1st District Court of Appeal, in a 2-1 decision, said the employee had not shown a “causal link” between the injuries suffered and the work he performed for Value Car Rental.

The court’s reasoning was that the sole cause of his injuries were due to a shooting related to personal and not work related reasons. What makes this matter even worse is that the victim cannot make a personal injury claim due to workers’ compensation immunity. As a result, he is left without a legal remedy to recover for his damages.

Fortunately, the appellate court asked the Florida Supreme Court to consider issues related to the case — a move known as certifying a “question of great public importance”. They believe that since other court decisions with similar facts have ruled differently and would have provided workers’ compensation benefits, a conflict exists between court decisions.

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