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Prevent Burglary

Approximately every 15 seconds, a house is robbed somewhere in America. A few simple pre-cautions can make your home a less-inviting target and can convince burglars to try their luck elsewhere.

  • Install dead bolt locks where ever possible, make sure that all windows (not just those in the ground floor) have good, strong locks, and have special locks installed for any sliding doors;
  • Keep your property well lit and consider, installing outdoor lights hooked to motion sensors; thieves hate it when they can’t hide;
  • Add a Beware of Dog or alarm company sign even if you do not have either.
  • Keep trees and shrubbery cut back from windows so thieves do not have a place to hide.
  • If you are leaving town, suspend mail and newspaper deliveries and ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out on your home. A light or lights should be left on as well so the house looks occupied, preferably by using a timer.
  • Consider having an alarm monitored system;
  • If you have an alarm system, always put it on;
  • Add video cameras (real or dummy) and a sign indicating video surveillance in use;
  • If you have neighborhood watch program, tell them if you are leaving town;
  • Keep at least one car parked in your driveway. Like lights, it will feel like someone is at home. Moreover it stops burglars from backing up with van and cleaning you out easily;

Finally, remember that even the best precautions do not work if you don’t use them! So give your home a security checkup, keep those doors and windows locked, and beat burglars at their own game.

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