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Fort Lauderdale Woman Caught On Camera Faking Injury

A Ft. Lauderdale woman was arrested on allegations that she attempted to fraudulently collect workers’ compensation benefits from the State of Florida. The arrest followed an investigation by the Department of Financial Services Division of Investigative and Forensic Services. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier became suspicious about elements of the claim and requested the investigation.

The woman initially filed a workers’ compensation claim based on a contention that a sprinkler head broke off and fell from the ceiling. She contended that the sprinkler head somehow bounded off her desk and hit her in the head. Ultimately, video footage demonstrated that this did not occur.

The video illustrates that while the sprinkler head did fall from the ceiling and land on the woman’s desk, it did not then bounce and hit her in the head. Rather, the video shows the woman looking around the room as if to see if she is alone. She then picks up the sprinkler head and hits herself in the head with it.

The woman was arrested and booked into the Broward County Jail. She was charged with a couple counts of workers’ compensation fraud. She faces up to five years in prison if she ends up convicted as charged. This charge is the second time the woman has landed in the criminal justice system. She previously pleaded guilty to stealing a student’s identity while employed in a school.

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