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Attorneys Defend Florida Supreme Court Decision

Attorneys defend Florida Supreme Court decision on workers’ comp rate increase

One of the major struggles with business interests is getting them to recognize the plight of the common man, or so claim attorneys in a recent Florida case. This principle came true during an August 2016 case in the Florida State Supreme Court. Attorneys battled insurance companies on behalf of their clients, trying to get higher benefits for them. Perhaps a deeper fault of character in the American people was at work as well.

The insurance companies had denied paying out benefits. “Wrongfully,” A leading legal representative noted. This case was interesting because it got so high up in the Florida Judicial system. It is clear that the vast insurance industry of the United States breeds legal conflict more often than necessary. People in the United States are usually quite practical, and they have high uncertainties about the future. This prompts them to load up on insurance policies that they do not really need.

Florida is becoming a hotbed of this ongoing legal overreach problem. Americans are unwilling to let go of the security of a regular insurance payment, and then are disappointed when the insurance provider does not give them what they expected to get in case of an accident. The skeptical attitude of the American consumer toward future risks causes the insurance industry to be a quagmire of regulatory confusion prompted by voter conflict of interest.

Eventually, this massive mess must come tumbling down. The question is when. American financial debts are now north of $19 trillion.

The insurance debates, and other financial issues are symbolic of the collective cowardice of the American people. Unwillingness to take responsibility for our future, while handing it off to the next generation creates a huge mess that employs many full time lawyers.

As a Florida Workers Compensation Attorney, Evan Ostfeld’s firm wants to be different. When other people look at the financial confusion around us, Ostfeld will be an example that will uphold the integrity of the rule of law. Ostfeld is devoted to having a balanced view of worker’s rights, and the need for the individual to take responsibility for their lapses of character. Ostfeld stands ready to serve his clients in whatever capacity is needed.

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