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Employee Killed in Construction Site Accident

Helping Employees Who Are Injured on the Job

Helping Employees Who Are Injured on the Job

Florida’s building codes are meant to help to protect workers from both financial and personal harm. When a contractor however fails to comply with them, accidents can and will happen! Employees who are injured on the job and or the families of workers who are killed on a job site are entitled to pursue benefits through the Florida Workers’ Compensation system regardless of who was at fault. Some may also have a personal injury and or wrongful death action if another negligent party was involved. Typically after a serious injury or death occurs at the work place, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) gets involved to examine for violation of building codes and for the failure to follow safety standards.

Roof Collapses Causing Death

On March 8, 2022, a longtime employee working at a building site in Coral Springs was killed when some roof trusses collapsed. OSHA investigated and discovered that the framing contractor, failed to follow the manufacturer’s specifications and the city’s building codes. Moreover, they did not comply with various safety standards to prevent the trusses from collapsing, leaning, and or buckling. According to OSHA, the business allowed its workers to anchor fall arrest systems to individual trusses, which in turn caused additional stress upon them. They also failed to prevent falls by not using a fall protection system. Penalties totaling over $30,000 were assessed against the company and the general contractor.

Workers’ Compensation and Construction Site Accidents

When an employee is killed on the job, the surviving family members may be able to file a lawsuit. The personal injury or wrongful death action may be made against one or more entities that were working on the same project if they were indeed negligent. If so, a jury could award damages that are not otherwise recoverable under the Florida Workers’ Compensation Act.

Get Help From a Coral Springs Workers Compensation Attorney

If you were injured or lost your loved one in a construction site accident, you should speak to a Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation attorney at the Law Offices of Evan M. Ostfeld. Evan has more than 29 years of experience fighting for the rights of injured workers and their families. Free case evaluations are also provided. Plus there are no attorney’s fees or costs unless we there is a court award or settlement. Contact us today at (866) I SUE YOU, (866) 478-3968, (954) 227-7529, (954) 998-0075 text or evan@attorney4life.com; were are here to help!

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