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Coral Springs Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Activist Charged with Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Cape Coral resident, Stephen Lovejoy, was taken into custody in November 2013 on alleged charges of workers’ compensation fraud violations. Lovejoy owned a business but he did not secure the required workers’ compensation insurance to his employees in case they suffered an on the job injury. Florida law requires companies that have four or more workers to have this coverage to pay for medical expenses and lost wages. In the field of construction, if an employer has only one worker, they must have this coverage. Lovejoy’s only comment was that he had a “dispute with the state,” but he could not offer any more information without an attorney present.

The order requires that an enterprise cease its normal operations until the labor dispute is resolved. Mr. Lovejoy however violated the order  and therefore was arrested.  There have been several claims that the employees who are attempting to file a workers’ compensation claim are independent contractors. Do note that a “true” independent contractor is exempt from coverage under workers’ compensation law.  Just because an employer tells you so, does not make it legally sufficient.  If you are in a situation like this,  contact a Coral Springs workers’ compensation lawyer.

What is Workers Compensation?

This insurance is important for all employees. It protects workers who are injured on the job from incurring serious losses of income and medical expenses.  It also prevents the need for lawsuits against a business in order to recover compensation and payment for medical bills.  A workers’ compensation claim therefore can provide a disabled employee with money for lost wages while taking care of the doctors’ bills during the recovery period. Workers’ Compensation can cover an employee in a variety of situations, including various bodily injuries, repetitive trauma injuries, job related diseases such as asbestosis, asthma due to work conditions, vision and hearing loss due to work conditions among other claims.

The Importance of Dedicated Attorney

As the case against Lovejoy indicates, employers are often averse to paying their required workers’ compensation. This is money out of their pockets for no work from an employee, and their lackluster attitude is unsurprising. Unfortunately, this also means that many legal problems arise in a worker’s compensation case. Clients need legal representation as soon as possible in order to protect their rights! A dedicated Coral Springs workers’ compensation attorney such as Evan at the Law Offices of Evan M. Ostfeld, P.A., will help to ensure you receive the maximum benefits under the law. If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation, contact Evan and his legal team at (866) I SUE YOU,
(866) 478-3968, (954) 227-7529,  evan@attorney4life.com.

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