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Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Traffic Tickets

How long do I have to respond to the ticket and what are my options? Some tickets like the ever popular “Red Light Camera”, running a stop sign and or speeding may carry points. Moreover, they could cause a suspension of one’s license and or significantly raise your auto insurance rates. Others like illegally dark window tint, excessive music, toll violations and failing to present your vehicle registration on demand are not as serious. Just make sure you pay any fees or court costs on time. In any event, an attorney who concentrates on driving infractions may nevertheless get these charges, points, fines and court costs dismissed or reduced significantly!

Coral Springs Traffic Lawyer

Most jurisdictions require a written response within 30 days. As such, you should seek the advice from a Coral Springs Traffic Lawyer as soon as possible in order to protect yourself. Often times the lawyer can help reduce the points, fines, penalties and or eliminate driving school. In other situations, the ticket(s) may actually be dismissed! Feel free to contact our office for an attorney referral in this area. Our law office can highly recommend attorneys to assist you throughout Florida’s 67 Florida counties and in fact nationwide if needed!

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