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Animals In The Car? Safety First!

All people know by now that using a seat belt is required by law in most states. Few however follow the same safety rule for their loveable animals. Although my labradoodle “Buddy” loves to ride with the windows down when we go to the store, bank, post office and/or getting gas, he should also be secured for safety. First, an unrestrained pet might interfere with the driver’s operation of the car, causing a crash. In the event of an accident, an unsecured animal could be turned into a projectile, causing further injury to the pet and/or the occupants. Plus, he/she could pose a threat to first responders, especially if they are injured. Our little and sometimes furry friends however can be protected in a number of ways. Small animals, like birds, cats, chinchillas, ferrets, gerbils, hamsters, iguanas, lizards, snakes and/or turtles are best kept in a carrier. Some pet stores even sell special seats and/or seat-belt attachments intended for medium-to-large sized pets like my pot-bellied pig named “Porky”. No matter what system you use, the rule is the same for pets as it is for humans, so Buddy says, “ruff”. What, you thought he could talk?

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