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Zantac Caused Breast Cancer, Florida Woman Asserts in Lawsuit

Qualified Zantac Attorney

Help from a Qualified Zantac Attorney

Multiple lawsuits have been filed against various pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the drug Zantac and its generics. Jill Goldstein took used the over-the-counter medicine version of Zantac for two decades in order to calm down her chronic heartburn condition. The FDA just recently however issued an order to have it pulled from the stores. Unfortunately, Ms. Goldstein was diagnosed with breast cancer and alleges this drug caused it. In fact, a past research study indicated that people who regularly took the drug increased their risk of developing cancer by 240% compared to those who didn’t!

Do note that that The Law Office of Evan M. Ostfeld, P.A. has over twenty-seven years of experience in personal injury law and provides a no obligation case evaluation. Moreover, there are no attorney’s fees and or costs due unless there is a recovery or court award. If you need the services of a qualified Zantac attorney, Evan M. Ostfeld, Esq. and his legal team can provide you with aggressive and effective representation.

The FDA’s Warning

In September, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that Zantac was found to contain low levels of a cancer-causing chemical called nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). Pharmacy giants likce CVS and Walgreens pulled heartburn drug Zantac and its generics, from their shelves over the potential link to the disease, and drugmaker Sanofi decided to issue a recall as well. In a statement announcing it, the company said it is committed to helping investigate the cancer link. “Sanofi is committed to transparency and will continue to communicate results with health authorities from the ongoing testing, and work with them to make informed decisions based on available data and evidence,” the statement said.

Qualified Zantac Attorney Evan Ostfeld, P.A.

If you have suffered cancer and have used this prescription or over-the-counter drug for at least six months, please give us a call.  We would be more than happy to investigate your situation to determine if there may be a valid claim to pursue. Again, if there is no recovery, there are no attorney’s fees or costs due.

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