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Worker Dies Due To Weather Related Accident

A maintenance worker died outside the Flamingo Apartments when a glass table blew off a ninth story balcony. The accident occurred late in the evening during high winds. Employers will always be the first to criticize employees, who get injured on the job, if the injury results from performance of a task, which is beyond the individual employee’s limitations.

Worker Compensation Attorney

Coral Springs Florida Workers Compensation Injury Attorney Evan M. Ostfeld has the combined experience necessary to win large settlements and benefits for his clients, who suffer injuries as a direct result of their employment. The maintenance worker at the entrance to the Flamingo Apartments was clearly injured on the job while performing routine tasks for his employer. His accident occurred on his employer’s premises.

State, Federal, and Agency Law

On the job injuries impose a severe financial hardship, in terms of medical expenses and lost wages. Evan M. Ostfeld’s practice is devoted to personal injury cases of all types. He has the experience necessary to apply state and federal law and the knowledge of case law required to get his accident victims, or their families, compensation for their pain, suffering and grief.

Wrongful Death

Evan M. Ostfeld is not just a personal injury attorney. He is thoroughly proficient in the agency law of social security disability and familiar with the protocol of most employer’s employee compensation programs. The Miami Beach maintenance man’s surviving family may be entitled to a portion of his social security benefits. They may be entitled to wrongful death compensation because the injury occurred on his employer’s property. He should have been safe correctly performing his duties.

Your Rights

Winning a large settlement for the maintenance man, in this case, requires in-depth knowledge of specific personal injuries. Evan M. Ostfeld knows your rights. He also knows the employment laws used to prove your employer’s liability and what treatment and services you and your family need. He has a proven record of catastrophic wrongful death and personal injury cases he won.


If you or your loved ones suffer from job related injuries, you should contact the Law Firm of Evan M. Ostfeld for a free consultation. He never charges attorney’s fee or costs until he wins your settlement. He will attempt to mediate to resolve your legal matter as quickly as possible. If you need to win a workers’ compensation, wrongful death suit, you need an attorney who is proficient in many fields of law. Contact Coral Springs Workers Compensation Lawyer
Evan M. Ostfeld.

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