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Three Workers Killed While Working In A Trench In South Florida

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the deaths of three contract workers during a routine underground check of a defective road in Key Largo, Florida. As the workers descended underground they were overcome by a lethal combination of methane and poisonous gas. The gas fumes were so toxic, they also affected rescue workers that were called to the scene.

A fourth worker was present but was able to get to safety before he was overcome by the fumes. As the investigation into the work related deaths continues, OSHA is looking into the private company that employed the killed workers, D.N. Higgins, a private contractor hired by the city.

This isn’t the first time that D.N. Higgins has been found negligent in protecting it’s workers. The company has been forced to pay fines for not providing proper ventilation at a different worksite several years ago, Fortunately, there were not any injuries reported, but it raised questions of workers’ safety during jobs.

This tragic story has risen the discussion of on the job safety and workers compensation rights. One South Florida Workers Compensation lawyer explained that there are laws in place to protect those injured or killed on the job and their families.

“My law firm shall protect your rights through all phases of the claim process,” explained attorney Evan Ostfield. “From choosing your doctors, ensuring the timely processing of the lost wages, determining the value of the claim, assessing as to whether a trial shall be necessary and or procuring a lump sum settlement if it is in your best interests.”

As a leading South Florida workers compensation lawyer, Ostfield and his firm will fight for a victim and their family’s rights during what could be a tragic time. Each case is unique and this South Florida firm is able to represent any type of worker compensation situation.

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