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Three Construction Workers Injured In Boca Raton

Three construction workers suffered injuries while they were working on the second floor of a building that collapsed. They were working on a new single family home. The workers were pouring concrete when the scaffolding above them collapsed and fell on top of them. A structural beam that was composed of wood and filled with iron and concrete fell on top of the men. It is estimated that the tie beam weighed several thousand pounds.

One of the workers received treatment on the scene. Another worker was taken to the Boca Raton Regional Medical Center. The third worker was taken to the Delray Medical Center. He suffered serious injuries and is in critical danger.Some people are required to put their lives on the line daily just to make a living. Construction workers are examples of people who repeatedly put their lives in danger just to make a living. People who have been hurt on the job often have to sit out of work for several weeks. That is why workers compensation laws have been put in place. The purpose of workers compensation laws is to ensure that people would still be able to provide for their family even if they were out of work because of an injury.

Workers compensation laws were put in place to help people. However, getting workers compensation can be more difficult than many people think. That is why it is important to have a Boca Raton workers compensation lawyer on your side. If you are looking for a Boca Raton workers compensation attorney, then you should contact Evan Ostfeld.

Evan Ostfeld is an experienced attorney who goes the extra mile to make sure that people who have been injured on the job get the compensation they deserve. He knows that workers compensation laws can be very complicated. That is why he will thoroughly explain your rights.

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