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Roofing Contractor’s Safety Failures Led To Worker’s Death

Roofing contractor’s safety failures led to one worker’s death and severe injuries to another at Florida job site

An investigation has revealed that 35-year-old employee of Tecta America Southeast, LLC was crushed to death, and a co-worker was severely injured when an aerial lift apparently malfunctioned and lurched forward while they removed gutters at an auto dealership in Orange City last fall. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) determined that an adequate inspection of the lift might have prevented the malfunction.

The man who was killed and a co-worker were on the lift working on removing the gutters when it suddenly moved forward and pinned the fatally injured man between the lift’s control panel and the edge of the roof. The father of three children was pronounced dead at the scene. His co-worker crawled out of the lift’s basket, fell three stories and suffered multiple leg fractures.

Proposed penalties for the employer total $63,900. It has 15 days from the date of receipt of appropriate citations to either pay or respond to the citations.

OSHA is a branch of the United States Department of Labor. It’s responsible for worker safety and health conditions across the United States by setting and enforcing workplace standards.

According to attorney Evan Ostfeld, the intent of the Florida Workers’ Compensation Law is to pay the medical bills and a percentage of what an employee might have earned had he or she not have been inured on the job. In the case of the employee with the fractured leg, he can also claim permanent partial disability as it’s likely that his leg will never be the same. Should a work accident cause a death, Florida law requires the employer to pay workers’ compensation benefits to the dependents of the decedent, funeral expenses up to $7,500 and educational benefits to a surviving spouse.

Evan Ostfeld is a Florida workers’ compensation lawyer with over 20 years of experience who represents injured workers in and around the Orange City area and across the State of Florida. He’s dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced and successful. Don’t prejudice your rights by doing nothing or giving your employer’s insurer a statement. That statement will only be used against you in the future. Whether it’s you or somebody close to you who has been injured at work, contact workers’ compensation attorney Evan Ostfeld right away at 866-478-3968 for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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