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OSHA Requires Employers To Be More Transparent About Workplace Injuries

Those who work in dangerous industries know that the risk of injury is a great one. However, new regulations suggested by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will now allow employees to view if a certain employer is more dangerous than others.

The new measure will require employees in dangerous industries, such as manufacturing, construction and trucking, to electronically report injury and illness statistics. The new rule will go into effect in 2017. Approximately 34,000 sites, with about 250 workers, are affected by this new measure.

OSHA will be publicly posting the electronically submitted data on an accessible website. Employees, current and future, may be able to view the data and see how many injuries have been reported under the employer.

There is no additional cost to employers on electronically providing this information. However, this is the first time employees will be able to access this type of information.

The Teamsters Union applauded the move by OSHA as did the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, but some in the manufacturing industry feel that employers may be publically shamed. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce actually objected the move and said OSHA exceeded its legislative authority.

Still, this move should really be about improving transparency. Workers will now be able to choose safer workplaces. The move could specifically help decrease workplace injuries as employers shift toward providing a safer workplace. One company that has made safety data easily accessible has seen workplace injuries drop while profits increased.

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