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Injured Miami Dade School Employee Granted $2,000 In Workers’ Compensation

A worker in Florida who was injured has been awarded workers compensation benefits after proving financial hardship to the Florida First District Court of Appeals. The court’s ruling came about on Tuesday, October 8, 2014 and stated that the woman was allowed to collect advance payment of the workers compensation.

Hattie Bonner, who worked for Miami-Dade Public Schools, was injured back in April 2012. Court records did not include details of the accident that rendered her injured or the exact nature of her job. She took a sick leave that lasted 18 months and returned to work to receive a reduced salary.

Bonner requested $2,000 in advance toward workers compensation benefits. Under Florida law, this is an acceptable financial amount to go toward medical expenses and financial assistance that comes about as a result of injuries that are sustained by individuals at the workplace.

During her court testimony, Ms. Bonner explained that the $2,000 advance would allow her to be able to pay her bills, put food in her refrigerator and to get gas in her car.

A judge in the state of Florida who handles compensation claims initially denied the request because it was believed that Hattie Bonner was having difficulties that were unrelated to the injury she sustained while at her place of employment. The judge also deemed that a few of her bills were “luxury expenses.”

In spite of the judge’s decision, a panel of the First District Court of Appeal overturned it from 2-1 on October 7th. It was found that Bonner certainly qualified for an advance in workers compensation due to the fact that her injury resulted in her returning to a considerable reduction to her salary.

The ruling stated that the advance would help Ms. Bonner to avoid defaulting with creditors while she awaits receipt of her full workers compensation benefits. It also stated that while a person is waiting to claim their benefits, they are not required to live life a pauper and should be eligible for an advance of up to $2,000.

If you are injured while on the job and reside in Florida, you might want to consider hiring a skilled Coral Springs Florida workers comp lawyer to help. The Law Offices of Evan M. Ostfeld, P.A. are experienced in the area and will ensure that you recover the Miami Dade workers compensation you deserve so that you can continue to live your life while out from work on disability.

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